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In the business for a decade, MK Gas Co. has a solid reputation of offering a depth of services to the energy industry. From liquids storage and commercial heating applications to fuel sales and transportation, our experience and diversity are your asset. Experience has taught us that attention to detail ensures that each load is delivered safely and every job is done reliably.

Our credibility has been built on tenacious service. We try harder to our job so that you can as well. As one of the top multi-state independent service, fuel suppliers, and transporters in the country, we aim to move fuel ahead of expectation.

MK Gas Co. Propane Supply


MK Gas Co. is a multi-state independent supplier and transporter. This means you have propane available from many propane terminals throughout the southwest United States. Our diverse supply sources means better reliability when product inventory runs low and a more stable basis for your pricing.

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MK Gas Co. NGL Transportation

NGL Transportation

We ensure the reliable and efficient transportation of NGL’s locally, regionally and nationally using our diverse hardshell and softshell fleet. We also buy, sell, and transport oil field liquids anywhere production demands it. Teamed with our versatile service division, MK Gas Co. offers everything you need to get product to market.

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